How I got CKAD certified — my preparation journey


for inserting text cmd: -> SHIFT key + ENTER key
for stopping insert cmd : -> press esc key
for saving and exit cmd: ESC Key+ colon +wq key
for enabling line number : -> press colon and then type “set number”
for deleting multiple lines at once, prepend the dd command with the number of lines to be deleted. For example, 5dd. similarly, 5yy =5lines copied
:42 jump to line number 42
/container :-> search this keyword in file , type n to goto next occurrence, N to previous occurrence
for jumping to the end of the line: $

echo “set number” >> ~/.vimrc

echo “alias k=kubectl” >> ~/.bashrc

echo “source <(kubectl completion bash | sed ‘s/kubectl/k/g’)” >> ~/.bashrc


So, if you are planning to get yourself kubernetes certified then you can start right away and I hope this blog would help you with the same. Comment below if you have any more queries about the exam or on any specific topics that you would want to understand a bit more in the curriculum, I would be more than happy to help!



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