How did I reach to define the vision of my Life — Sharing Knowledge and Bridging Gaps

“Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world.” ~Nelson Mandela

This famous quote by Nelson Mandela drives a stir of emotions whenever I read it or hear it. We all are working towards being a better version of ourselves day in and day out and what keeps us moving is a vision for ourselves or for our family or for our organization.

I still remember it was in the month of January 2021, right at the start of new year, which is a perfect time for making new resolutions, revisiting the vision and mission of our lives both personally and professionally. That time I got some time to do some soul searching to see where I can grow myself technically , what should I do keep my professional self, growing and at par with my friends and colleagues in IT industry.

Do you all also feel sometimes that you are feeling less motivated, deprived of self-growth targets? Off late, due to this new lifestyle of working from home, with a lot of uncertainty about the future and dullness of routine where there is almost no difference between a weekday or a weekend, I had started feeling like so.

That’s where Toastmasters pathways project Level 5 gave me a lot of energy to retrospect, reflect within and do some qualitative soul searching. It led me to do a series of deep thinking where I asked myself many follow-up questions about what my calling is, how do I keep going ahead with so many blockers, some mental, some situational and some external.

Then I revisited my past experiences of joy and fulfilment to see where I do I find most peace and feeling of content other than my work and family and I have a short anecdote to share.

During my second year of Computer engineering in 2011 when I had just got introduced to the world of Linux, I along with other Linux enthusiasts of my class co-founded group called mitcug where we used to learn and share any new technical topic and/or latest technology trend in the field of computer science. My first ever technical presentation at our seminar was on “Concept of makefiles in Linux and how to create your own”.
When I finished my presentation I was feeling satisfied and elated to have shared about something new I learnt to a group of people from different colleges of Pune. The motto of our group was “Sharing Knowledge and Bridging Gaps” which helped me to share knowledge and grow together while making an impact.

“Sharing Knowledge and Bridging Gaps” is the vision of my life, poster created by me on

“Sharing Knowledge and Bridging Gaps” — I had an epiphany, a voice in my head said, hey Vidhita of 2021, this is exactly what keeps you going, sharing knowledge and helping others with what you know about. This gives you a feeling of content and sense of direction in life. Therefore, this has to be your vison and mission of life ogn, your greater calling to keep you motivated at all times.

Learning is essential to our existence. Just like food nourishes our bodies, correct information and continued learning nourishes our minds. Today, in this new normal more than ever continuous learning forms a necessary part in acquiring critical thinking skills and discovering new ways of dealing with the challenges ahead. I decided to make this as my vision of life and I have spent around 8 months in total thinking, analyzing upon my vision and then taking actions of bringing my vision to fulfilment.

This mantra, “Sharing Knowledge and Bridging Gaps”, keeps me aligned to the belief that the more I share, the more I learn myself and also inspire my colleagues and friends to scale more heights together and the cycle continues…

I’d like to ask this question humbly to each one of you reading this,
Have u all decided a vision for yourself? Are you aligned to a greater calling other than meeting your basic needs?
If you answer is yes , I am happy to connect to you on Medium or Twitter or Linkedin and know more about your vision. For those of you who haven’t yet decided a vision , I urge you all this weekend give yourself some time away from your schedule for self-analysis and self-care to self-reflect and find out what keeps you moving and take actions to bring your vision to fruition.

I am thoroughly enjoying going through this process of developing a vision of continuous learning and sharing my technical skills in this year and while its more than half of the year passed where I have learnt a lot on Kubernetes, and cleared its certification, I have also kept updating my blog posts here on Vidhita Kher for technical topics that I have learnt and keep sharing my experiences. If in between the journey I feel off track or less motivated I would always have this post on Medium to come back to and gather strength to move forward towards my vision of life.

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